Kate’s journey to becoming a yoga teacher and philosophy guru on our Yoga Teacher Training.

‘No man can step in the same river twice; because he’s not the same man, and it’s not the same river.’ 


The only guarantee we have in life is that nothing stays the same, change is our only constant.  Yoga is no different.  I can practice primary series 6 days a week, and each time it will feel different, my mind will be different, my body will feel different, the intention will change.  And that is the beauty of yoga, the practice changes with us, to give us, the yogi, what we need.  Need a gentle, restorative flow after a busy day?  We’ve got that.  Need to step outside of your comfort zone after playing it safe?  We’ve got that.  Need to sweat it out on the mat to work out some issues?  We’ve got that.  Need stillness and presence, a safe haven from the world outside?  Yep, we got that too.  Yoga is a gift.  And as we change, it changes with us.

The first yoga class I ever attended in Liverpool was an Ashtanga class when I was 16.  I didn’t realise it was Ashtanga at the time and it would be another 15 years of sporadic classes before I actually learnt what Ashtanga was – more than just a physical practice.  The Ashtanga addict was born there and then in Goa.  In the real world, I am a high school teacher of Religion and Philosophy. When I was introduces to Eastern Philosophy, in particular to Patanjali’s 8 Limbs, I was fascinated.  I was hooked and have been ever since.

As a teacher, I recognised the need for Yoga and breathwork in the classroom. My first teacher training was in children’s and family yoga.  As the world continued to turn and change so too did I. I finally decided it was time for 200 hours YTT in 2018 in Nicaragua with my sister, Julia

The journey continues today. Just when I think I know the type of teacher I am, the world turns and things change.  The last few years have seen the Ashtanga addict take on the challenge of Rocket Vinyasa and the beautiful philosophies of Larry Shultz. I have trained with Carson Calhoun and Samuel Nwokeka.  A love of working out and lifting weights with Liverpool personal trainer Richie Swan has also seen my practice incorporate more strength and training elements.  Of course, my training with Julia continues with any available moments for CPD always being taken as I work towards 300 hours YTTC.    

Change is the only constant in life, but yoga flows and changes with us.

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Kate teaches Yoga Philosophy,
Rocket and Vinyasa Flow on the
200 hours YTTC at Eleven Eleven.

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