Julia Gavin is founder of The Yoga Academy in Liverpool. Julia has been hosting yoga teacher trainings and courses since she qualified as a yoga instructor in 2013. A former high school teacher, Julia has dedicated a decade to both her practice and the business of yoga. Her experience in the industry is evident in all her trainings.

Julia has strong foundations in the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga. She has developed a contemporary practice that clearly reflects modern yoga. This a fusion of traditional methods with contemporary techniques. She promotes an intelligent practice through music and movement. Moreover, she continues to explore the physical and the spiritual both on and off the mat. Julia’s style of teaching yoga encourages mobility, strength and flexibility to achieve challenging postures through dynamic sequencing and anatomical awareness. She continues to advance her own interpretation of Larry Schultz’s Rocket Vinyasa. She thrives on the idea that Rocket Vinyasa is an attitude!

Julia Gavin gained her Rocket Vinyasa certification with David Kyle AKA Baba Rocket. She has also completed Rocket Vinyasa trainings with Marcus Veda & Hannah Whittingham and Carson Clay Coulhan. She has trained with Patrick Beach and is an avid follower of his Vinyasa Flow practice. Julia has completed several anatomy trainings with Celest Pereira and revels in her anatomical wizardry. Previously, she trained with Janet Stone, Tiffany Cruickshank and Michael Gannon. She has practiced in Mysore under the tutelage of Ajay Kumar and in Liverpool under the tutelage of Helen Aldred. Her passion for Ashtanga Yoga came from Kranti Agrawal, founder of Kranti Yoga in Goa. All of these teachers have been particularly influential in terms of practice and pedagogy.

In a previous life, Ms Gavin was a Mathematics High School Teacher. She has a Post Graduate in Education and also taught English as a Foreign Language in Taiwan for 2 years. In a previous previous life, she gained 10 years of management experience in Fashion Retailer, managing UK high street outlets River Island and Oasis. She is a self-confessed anatomy geek, podcast junky, healthy foodie, sunset seeker and novice surfer.

Julia currently hosts Yoga Teacher Training in Liverpool during the summer months and you can join her at Palm Trees Yoga Resort in Goa during the winter months.

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