Vinyasa Flow YTTC in Nicaragua

Namaste Peeps,

So, I have just touched down in a very chilly Liverpool for a few weeks after 7 weeks of working on the 300 hr Vinyasa Flow YTTC teaching Yoga Philosophy and Vinyasa Flow at Kranti Yoga, Goa.  My next stop is Nicaragua where I will teach 200 hrs YTTC in Vinyasa Flow in January.  While I am always sad to leave Goa, I am super excited to return to Los Clavos Surf Camp as their resident Vinaysa Flow Yoga Teacher over Christmas and New Year in Nicaragua.

You can check out my 200 hr YTTC Vinyasa Flow Curriculum on my website. If you are looking to teach yoga in a studio near you, rather than Nicaragua, the YTTC is packed with Vinyasa Flow Teaching Methodology in order for you to design and deliver your own class.  I spent a heap of time researching Vinyasa Flow, not just in Goa and Nicaragua but in UK city studios.  The YTTC has been designed so that students will leave having delivered their very own class of Vinyasa Flow.  On completion of the YTTC in Vinyasa Flow some students will be ready to apply for Yoga Teacher jobs, others will be ready to practice on friends and family upon leaving Nicaragua.  Either way, it is a great opportunity to develop a practice in Vinyasa Flow and get your YTTC certification in Nicaragua.  There is obviously surf too!!!

200 hrs YTTC in Vinyasa Flow, 5th to 26th January 2019


Flip Flops for Hiking Boots

When my French colleagues, Claire and Romain, asked me to host a yoga and hiking retreat in the mountains of the French Alps, I jumped at the chance.  I already host yoga retreats for them over in Central America at Los Clavos Surf Camp.  And, while I love the beach enough to spend 8 months of the year in flip flops, a mountain yoga retreat with heaps of hiking in the French Alps is a whole new concept for me.

The mountain chalet boasts incredible views of the surrounding French Alps.  It is an ideal space for a yoga retreat for those of us who love the great outdoors and hiking.  I know it’s going to be a sensory overload: the view of the French Alps during yoga, the smell of the countryside when we are out hiking, the taste of breakfast croissants and good wine in the evening (yes, it’s going to be very French.)

The morning yoga practice will look out over the French Alps and will be an energising Vinyasa Flow Class. During the day, we will go hiking in the French Alps, maybe do some yoga in our hiking boots, enjoy a picnic lunch before returning to the chalet for yoga to restore after the hiking. Evenings will be spent in the chalet with a 3 course dinner accompanied by French wine of course!  I am also really excited to check out nearby Annecy and Annecy Lake.  Between all the hiking and yoga, we’ll go for lunch and have a look around this popular little spot in the French Alps.

I really hope that some of my amazing yoga students from far and wide will retreat with me to this incredible location in the French Alps.  Come and share this opportunity, if only to see me out of beach yoga attire….hello hiking boots.

You can check out more details on the following page:

Upcoming dates for Julia Gavin Yoga:

13thOctober – 200 hr YTTC:  Sayulita, Mexico
5thJanuary – 200 hr YTTC:  Los Clavos Surf Camp, Northern Nicarauga
3rdFebruary – 300 hr YTTC: Kranti Yoga, Goa, India

Vinyasa Flow in Nicaragua!!

I’m back in Nicaragua and just taking a moment to reflect on my practice and what I am currently teaching.  For several years, I have been addicted to the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  When I say addicted, I mean that in a healthy way……I’m not going to break out in a cold sweat if I don’t get to practice for whatever reason while I am here in Nicaragua.  However, during my time in Nicaragua, I have recently developed a huge appreciation for Vinyasa Flow and how I can achieve more postures in working without the restrictions of a set sequence.  Anyone that knows me will understand that Vinyasa Flow is beyond my ‘pitta’ comfort zone.  It is a surprise to me that I have embraced it.  I have been practice and teaching Vinysa Flow both in India and Nicaragua and I am loving it.

When I was invited back to Kranti Yoga, midst my time in Nicaragua, to develop and launch a Vinyasa Flow curriculum, I jumped at the chance.  I had been working on my Vinyasa Flow classes and curriculum for a year, during my time at Los Clavos Surf Camp in Nicaragua.  The opportunity gave me chance to really think about the pedagogy of how to sequence a successful Vinyasa Flow Class, and in turn, teach the teachers how to teach it.

When you prepare a Vinyasa Flow Class, consider the integrity of each and every pose included in your sequence, familiarity of your peak posture is crucial.  Being able to share your experience of how you achieved the posture is what makes a good Vinysasa Flow Class, whether you are in Nicaragua or any other country, it doesn’t matter.  A good Vinyasa Flow teacher will share the tiniest of details in order that you get the most out of your practice.  And so, after years of Ashtanga Yoga, I am in a great position to share those details with you.  I understand every inch of each of the postures that I teach and I am looking forward to sharing this in sunny Nicaragua in the future.

 Join me soon Nicaragua to share my Vinyasa Flow practice.

Click here for course details.

9thJune: 200 hrs YTTC Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga
4th August: 200 hrs YTTC in Vinyasa Flow
27thOctober:  200 hrs YTTC in Vinyasa Flow

3 months of Vinyasa Flow at Kranti Yoga….

I was born to teach and I love teaching Vinyasa Flow. At Kranti Yoga, I have never allowed my teaching to become stagnant and have always done my best to stay at the forefront of yoga teaching using contemporary ideas and pedagogy.  I make it my duty to plan every yoga class with a fresh and modern approach.

As Curriculum Co-Ordinator, it has been an honour to be invited back to Kranti Yoga to further develop its long standing curricula and develop a team of teachers to deliver.  I returned to Kranti Yoga to launch a brand new 300 hr YTTC curriculum along with a Yin Yoga Immersion Course.  Having remained an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training School, it was a necessary move to bring Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga to the forefront of our teachings. With 100% dedication to the practice, it has been fun to bring postures such as the Eka Pada Koundinyasanas, Vasthistasana, Dighasana and Skandasana into the mix with integrity and detail.

It has been a year in the planning but the 300 hr YTTC in Vinyasa Flow and Adjustments, has been running successfully now at Kranti Yoga for that last 3 months.  Not only do students develop an advanced practice of Vinyasa Flow, they also teach their own 90 minute class.  The curriculum also has a huge focus on the integrated body, bringing awareness to dealing with the body in totality with unity.  It has been an important part of my development to teach in this area and I am delighted with the positive reaction to the new Vinyasa Flow material. Kranti Yoga is taking bookings already for the coming season for this course.

And while the Yin Immersion program was rolling out, it became evident that there was an increased demand for a 300 hr Yin Yoga Course. With some extra research and planning, drawing from the existing knowledge from within the team, Kranti Yoga is delighted to offer 300 hr YTTC in Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow.  This course brings together the passivity of Yin Yoga with the dynamism of Vinyasa Flow and as a team, we are looking forward to the launch in October this year.

So it has been a busy 3 months for me but I am delighted to announce these courses at Kranti Yoga for the new season:

300 hrs in Vinyasa Flow and Adjustments
300 hrs in Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow
500 hrs in Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow
100 hrs Yin Yoga Immersion

 The new season will start 30thSeptember.  See you at Kranti Yoga Beach Resort very soon.  Europe, here I come.

Or join me, 9thJune, in Nicaragua for 100, 200 or 300 hrs YTTC with surf.


Yoga Teacher Training, remote Northern Nicaragua….

Many thanks to Katrin from Atlanta for this blog post about her Yoga Teacher Training with me in January…….

“Going to a surf camp for Yoga Teacher Training in northern Nicaragua is no small feat. The flight from Atlanta to Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, is a less than 3 hours. The real journey begins when you get on your way from the airport in Managua to the remote surf camp location in the north of the country. I arrived in the small hours of the morning, I hadn’t been able to see this beautiful country by day but even when the sun is down you can feel the vibe of this central American country and its Latin/Spanish influence.

It’s a 3 hours drive from the airport to the surf camp. The road turned from asphalt to paving stones and eventually to a dirt road. I have been to this part of Nicaragua before and so knew what to expect.  The last 2-3 km of the journey were long , the road was pretty bumpy after the last rain season. Finally, I arrived at the gates of Los Clavos Surf Camp. Last time, I was here for a Yoga Retreat with Julia. This time, I was here for my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of the waves crashing into shore and the light of the rising sun. There is something magical about starting your day when nature does. The camp is so pretty, with its 4 cabañas set back from the ocean with stunning views of the Pacific and magnificent sunsets.

And in the light of day, I explored my surroundings on the way to nearby surf beach, Nahualapa Bay. The remoteness of the camp means that it is situated far from civilisation and in a rural area. Some of the nearby houses of the local people are small, some look to be just simple structures of driftwood or whatever building material they could get their hands on, maybe a palm leave roof. Most of everyday life happens outdoors. Depending on the time of day, you will see the residents going about their day washing laundry in a large sink outside; run with water from a nearby well, herding their cattle or just hanging out in their hammocks because if it is too hot to do any hard labor. Compared to modern standards, these people are undoubtedly poor. Most of them live a very simple life, the cattle and pigs are probably their most valuable possessions. However, they seem so content and happy with what they have. Each person you pass greets you with a friendly “Hola” or “Buenos dias.” They always have a smile on their faces and are always friendly to the tourists visiting Nicaragua.

At the conclusion of Yoga Teacher Training and on my way back to the airport in Nicaragua, I reflected on the experience of the last few weeks. What does it really take to be happy? Nicaragua and Yoga Teacher Training have taught me it doesn’t take much and it certainly doesn’t take a lot of worldly possessions. Having a roof over my head, food in my belly and something that feeds my soul, i.e. yoga or some salsa music, is all it takes for me.”

Thanks for you reflection Katrin.  We hope to see you again soon at Los Clavos Surf Camp!!

19th May & 9th June:  200 hours in Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga
9th June:  300 hours in Ashtanga Yoga and the Integrated Body


Yogis from far and wide meet in Nicaragua!!

Having taught Yoga Teacher Trainings for the past 6 years, it is fair to say that every course is unique, with its own group dynamic and character.  My Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Nicaragua are residential and so it is always an interesting experience to see how friendships form amongst peers and how each character takes on a role within the group.  Yoga definitely brings students together from all corners of the globe and friendships form that will not be forgotten.

Any Yoga Teacher Training Course graduate will tell you that the course is pretty intense whether the Yoga Teacher Training is completed in exotic Nicaragua or somewhere closer to home.  With a 5.30am start, the day finished at 6pm with homework to be completed for the next day.  It is a busy schedule to say the least but at least students are able to take advantage of a quick dip in the pool and surf sessions at nearby Nahualapa Bay…a welcomed feature of the course here at Los Clavos Surf Camp.

In January, I trained 8 beautiful students, all of whom passed with flying colours.  They lived together, ate together, surfed, studies, chatted, laughed and did a whole lot of yoga.  At times, students were physically and mentally exhausted. But one thing is for sure, the overwhelming support for each other made a huge difference in terms of its success.  Each and every student brought his or her character and personality to the group, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience all round.

I would like to wish all January graduates lots of luck for the future.  Keep in touch and I sincerely hope that our yoga paths cross again in Nicaragua.

9th June:  300hrs in Vinaysa Flow and the Integrated Body
Limited spots, book soon!

My Spiritual Journey in Nicaragua

I am in the second week teaching the Yoga Philosophy module of the YTTC here in Nicaragua.  I have been teaching Yoga Philosophy now for 3 years and it is a subject that is close to my heart.  Having accessed the practice of yoga, like many of us, through the physical aspect of the yoga, teaching Yoga Philosophy here at the camp in Nicaragua, has encouraged me to question my beliefs and views on the concept of the soul and indeed what is a spiritual practice?  I am teaching Ashtanga Yoga and related Yoga Philosophy on a surf camp in Nicaragua.  Is it possible to develop my spiritual practice here…..don’t I need to be in an ashram?

My curiosity about the soul has led me to many questions, including that of immortality.  Is the soul immortal or will it live on after my body has perished?  How do I know that I have a soul and is this something that I need to believe in?  Is the soul different from my body?

The Abrahamic philosophy is that your soul is tested on this earth to determine its resting place, heaven or hell.  In Vedic philosophy, your body is the vehicle for soul and the soul is transported from body to body, dependant on your karma.  The Aristotelian philosophy believes that your soul was the essence of your being and despite not being tangible, it perished alongside the body.  The interpretations are endless and varying throughout the ages.

In studying Yoga Philosophy, I have come to realise how important it is to have your own personal interpretation of what the soul is.  Whether you are in Nicaragua or India, only then can you start to cultivate your own spiritual practice, whether you believe that soul is mortal or immortal.

During my time here in Nicaragua, I have had time to ponder my own Yoga Philosophy.  Having established my views, my spiritual practice has deepened and I have an increased confidence in my identity and true self.  I am looking forward to sharing these views as I teach Yoga Philosophy here at Los Clavos Surf Camp, Nicaragua.

One thing is for sure, being here in Nicaragua, teaching Yoga Philosophy and being fully immersed in surf camp life, my soul shines and I am fully immersed in my spiritual practice.

I am looking forward to sharing this as part of my Yoga Teacher Training here at Los Clavos Surf Camp.  Join me soon.

19th May & 9th June:  200 hours in Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga
9th June:  300 hours in Ashtanga Yoga and the Integrated Body


200 hours YTTC in Nicaragua, by Ann-Marie

“I recently completed the 200 hours YTTC with Julia in Nicaragua, and enjoyed every minute of it. Before deciding on the course, I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to do the full 200 hours YTTC, or just 100 hours Yoga Intensive, but I am glad I did. Julia is an exceptional teacher who is dedicated to what she does, and extremely knowledgeable. She has a wealth of experience behind her, and it really shows in not only her teaching method but how she interacts with her students. The group was small (4 students) so each of us had her undivided attention, and every day she helped us to improve our own practice. She continuously reinforced the positions and the correct alignment, which was invaluable.

In terms of teaching, I learnt more than I could have imagined in the month in Nicaragua. I wasn’t sure if I would be confident enough to consider teaching yoga after just a 200 hours YTTC, however Julia made it her business to instill a sense of confidence in us, as well as ensuring that our knowledge, as potential teachers, was of a Julia standard 🙂

On a personal level, she is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I have met. She came to class every morning with a big smile, making it impossible to be grumpy about Downward Dogs at 6 am. Even during stressful moments, i.e. teaching practice, she had an amazing ability to make all your worries disappear. She also knows how to make you feel okay about your own struggles and limitations. She was never afraid to tell us about her own experiences in this area, which really helped eliminate any sense of frustration.”

“Thank you Julia, and I hope to be seeing you again :-D”

Ann-Marie, Ireland

Many thanks for your kind words Ann-Marie.  It was a pleasure to have on the 200 hours YTTC here in Nicaragua.  Also, congratulations on getting work immediately after graduating in a nearby surf camp, just a few days after graduation.  I am sure the surfers there were delighted to stretch with you.  Keep up the good work and best wishes for teaching yoga when you are back home in Ireland.

300 hours YTTC 9th June 2018
200 hours YTTC 19th May, 9th June and 18th November

Ashtanga Yoga and surf……it’s all about shoulder stability!!

I think it is fair to say that I am dedicated to my Ashtanga Practice.  My day is just not complete unless I have rattled through the series from start to finish, 60 Chaturanga Dandasanas and all.  After 5 years of practice, I am staring to reap the benefits.

At school, I was the slowest swimmer, I was terrible in gymnastics club, I’ve never had any upper body strength and have never been sporty.  Surfing was just never a consideration for me.  Those of you who know me will know that I am scared of speed and consider myself to be far an adrenalin junky when it comes to extreme sports.  But, working on a surf camp, I knew that I would be missing out if I did not exploit  the local surf opportunities.  It’s been pretty tough going and on some days I have vowed that it isn’t for me thinking that I’ll just stick to the yoga.  But just as Ashtanga Yoga is a disciplined practice, so is learning to surf.  And so, I get myself back out I to the white wash, bruises and all, and continue.

This week I have had a major breakthrough and for the first time, I feel that it has started to come together.  If you’re are hanging out in the white wash (AKA foamies) it’s pretty hard on the hip flexors as you wade into the oncoming waves.  However, for the first time, I got slightly beyond the white wash and was actually on my belly paddling to take a slightly larger wave.  After all, it’s like riding a bike, you need to speed right!  You need a few bigger waves to get some power behind you.

Shoulder stability plays a massive part in Ashtanga Yoga.  Anyone who has recently trained with me will have my shoulder stability mantra resonating within. It is something that I have worked incredibly hard at since working through a rotator cuff injury.  But aside from that, where did all the strength to paddle come from?  I really wasn’t expecting it.  As I worked through my practice today, I realised how much shoulder strength and stability I have gained.  The transitions of Ashtanga Yoga play a big part in strengthening the muscles of the shoulder girdle.  Could it be that all this strength has come from the repetition of these transitions, time and time again?  Has the slowest swimmer actually gained that much strength?

Tomorrow, I will be back in the water to take little green waves.  This means I need to paddle more.  But I am ready…I feel fully prepared and strong.  All that discipline has paid off, I feel that my shoulder strength and stability is going to get me on my first green waves ad I cannot wait!!!  I bloody love Ashtanga Yoga….not only have I made my career out of something that I love so dearly, it is allowing me to participate in an activity that I never in a million years thought I would be getting so much enjoyment from.

Join me for 200 & 300 hrs
Yoga Teacher Training here at
Los Clavos Surf Camp.
Next course starts 19th May 2018