by Kate Gavin

Goddess Kali…goddess of destruction and new beginnings; pure Shakti energy personified, an absolute bad ass. 

Goddess Kali was a massive focus in class this week and also my focus during meditation. Sometimes, when we hear a word like ‘destruction,’ it brings about negative connotations and fear. But why? While destruction clearly means the end of something, I’m hear to say that destruction and the energy that comes from destruction, brings about pure power. A new power that is necessary to bring about new beginnings. 

You have to clear out the old to make way for the new. If we are advocates for Kali’s destructive ways, we make space for the new. Think about how clear the air has been after recent stormy days, same principle. 

Maybe destruction means dealing with a work problem or old relationship issues, clearing bad energy to start anew. Do you need to destroy a bad habit to bring in a new routine? This is all Kali energy. 

In practice, bringing awareness to Kali Mudra (thats the pistol grip hands) allows us to focus on the idea of destruction. Remember, you have to destroy before you can rebuild. 

This mudra will help you feel not just power, but Kali power and Shakti energy. If we can bring focus to this hand gesture, Kali becomes art of your practice. Meditate on this energy to brings about that sweet, sweet yogi detox – hence space for the new. 

Before we rebuild we have to destroy. Bring the destruction this week yogis. It will set you free!

Om Kalikayai Namaha 🙏

Kate is our Yoga Philosophy Teacher for the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at weekends at Eleven Eleven Yoga Studios.

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