In January, I packed a bag and headed west in search of a contrast to Incredible India.  My mission: to find a space to set up my very own Yoga Teacher Training.  First destination was to be Nicaragua, a small country, just above Costa Rica and not a million miles from the Panama Canal.  When people ask me why I chose Nicaragua to host Yoga Teacher Training, I am really not too sure.  I spent time in Central America last summer and had heard a rumour that Nicaragua wasn’t saturated with Yoga Teacher Training.  With both Pacific and Caribbean coastline, I figured that Nicaragua must have some pretty incredible views to take in during the Yoga Teacher Training Course.

A few days before leaving, I saw a post looking for a volunteer yoga teacher on a surf camp in the north of Nicaragua.  ‘Interesting,’ I thought.  A phone call later, I had committed to 4 weeks at Los Clavos Surf Camp.

To be honest, I had never heard of a surf camp before.  I knew dudes were surfing in the area but I had absolutely no idea what to expect from surf camp life.  I’d attempted to surf unsuccessfully a few years back.  Was it going to be OK if I just did Ashtanga Yoga instead of surf?  Will they have soy milk?  How was I going to feel being surrounded by dudes when I am used to Yoga Teacher Training with 50 girls?  Am I cool enough to work at a surf camp in Nicaragua?  Can I still wear my mala?  Too many questions, I was definitely far from ‘present’ on the journey to Nicaragua across the Atlantic.  But to be fair, I was pretty excited.

3 flights and a sizeable cab journey later, I arrived at the camp.  My first impressions were a sensory overload.  I don’t know where to start as I don’t know remember what struck me first:  the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean; the incessant roar of the waves crashing to the shore; the incredible structure of the rancho that hosts the dining space and communal areas that still overwhelms me to this day; adorable cabañas with their own terraces and hammocks; the rocking chairs; a swimming pool with a beach view; Lola the parrot; the yoga space……..what an incredible place to work!!!

I was very warmly welcomed by Romain and Claire, the co-owners and founders of Los Clavos Surf Camp.  I was quickly introduced to 12 guests, 2 surf instructors and a yoga teacher who were gathering for dinner.  The guests came from all corners of the globe, all professionals who were in Nicaragua for winter surf.  During dinner, energy levels were clearly high after a full day of surf and yoga.  It was such a friendly vibe, so energising.  Within a few days, as guests came and went, I very quickly acknowledged the incredible mix of people on holiday at the camp.  Claire and Romain were hosting guests from such different backgrounds from all corners of the globe.  It became evident that every week was going to have a different mix of people with its own group dynamic, with so many tales to tell, so many stories to share.  I had a feeling I was going to really love it!!!

A week later, I had extended my stay and had started making plans to teach beyond my one class a day.  I was overwhelmed by the place for many reasons but particularly because it is such an amazing place to be totally yogi and immersed in true nature (more on that to come!)  Was finding a venue for Yoga Teacher Training supposed to be that easy??  Should I at least check out a few other places???

And so, Yoga Teacher Training will go ahead at Los Clavos Surf Camp and I could not be happier.  I am still not 100% sure why I chose to go to Nicaragua.  However, I do know that when I saw that advert looking for a yoga teacher, whether it was the powers beyond, the alignment of the stars, Gods will or just plain old happenstance, I will count my blessings that destiny took me to Los Clavos Surf Camp for an exciting new chapter in my life.  Let the Yoga Teacher Training.

200 hr YTTC in Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga
4th November for 4 weeks

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