So, after 10 weeks of yoga at Los Clavos Surf Camp, I finally got to see some of Nicaragua and participate in some extra curricular activity.  Nicaragua is an incredible country with so many amazing things to see and do.  Here are just a few things that I particularly enjoyed…all at the bargain cost of $10….that’s just under 8 Great British Pounds.

2 vegan smoothies and hummus with crudités at Apoyo Lodge, Lago de Apoyo
This (raw) vegan retreat is a must on your travel list.  Take a lesson in gut health from Miriam, the owner.  The avocado, coconut and peanut butter smoothie was a meal in itself and to die for.  The views of the lake are stunning with ample chill out spaces throughout the resort.

A facial in Pure Gym Spa Yoga, Granada
This studio has it all.  There is a fully equipped gym, all spa facilities, a really lovely yoga space with some great teachers.  Attend random classes like Fencing on Fridays.

Return ferry ticket from Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island, Caribbean
Admittedly, the flight to Big Corn is a little more than this but it’s good to know things are considerably cheaper when you get there.  A taxi anywhere on Big Corn Island is a standard 20 Cordobas….60 cents.

Salsa night at Pasta La Vista, Aposentillo, Chinendega
$10 will get you a few beers and a few tequilas to then throw some moves on the dance floor.  Learn to salsa with the locals……limbo competition starts at midnight.  This is the weekly big night out from Los Clavos Surf Camp, weekly washes all round on Thursdays.

2 x $5 Hostel beds in Life Is Good Hostel, Ometepe.
Life was pretty good here in a $5 bed and I actually had a great night’s sleep.  They served really decent food too.  The owner, Roman, was super helpful and helped us co-ordinate our 2-day adventure.

2 Happy Hour Piña Coladas at Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa, Little Corn Island
This is a $400 a night place on a remote and exclusive part of the island.  But they are happy to serve the rest of us in their Driftwood Beach Bar.  These cocktails are seriously to die for.

Entrance and sodas for 2 people at Ojo de Agua, Ometepe
This is a natural lagoon from volcanic waters, rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulphur and sodium.  Enjoy the shade of the surrounding tropical forest, keeping cool in the blue waters of the lagoon.

1.5 hours’ rental on a SUP from Las Palmeras Beachfront Hotel, Little Corn Island
We paddled a fair way around the island and then turned back to hang out doing yoga on the boards and taking photos.  It was highly entertaining!!!  Warrior 2 on a SUP is far more difficult than a headstand, who’d have thought!!!

Cathedral climb and morning coffee in León
Visit León’s world heritage site and climb the tower for spectacular views of the city.  Then relax in Pan y Paz for coffee and cake.

Glass of Chilean wine and tapas plate at Tapas and Surf, Chinendega
Watch the surf dudes take some waves while the newbies play in the white water.  This is a great sunset bar with an upstairs terrace to view from.  This bar is just a short walk from Los Clavos Surf Camp, a favourite hangout.

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