Julia and CarolinI just said goodbye to Carolin, my very first Ashtanga Yoga Student in Nicaragua.  Here is a small interview from her about the week:

So, what’s been happening this week at Los Clavos Surf Resort?? 
Julia specialises in Ashtanga Yoga which I hadn’t knowingly done before. We practiced the Primary Series throughout the week, a 90 minute early morning class. Before lunch, we had the Alignment Class during which we focused on Ashtanga Yoga postures in heaps of detail.   This was a one to one class. Later in the afternoon, we had a Restorative Flow or a Release Class with the other guests staying at the resort.

Had you practiced Ashtanga Yoga before coming to Nicaragua?
No. I had done Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga. These are based on Ashtanga Yoga postures but I never completed the full Primary Series. I was used to freestyle, dynamic sequencing rather than a set series.

What significant differences have you experienced in your yoga practice since coming ti Nicaragua?
I now have much better alignment in  my postures and can bend deeper into them. With Julia’s help, I know how to improve an Ashtanga Yoga practice. Also, she really helped me to bring awareness to my breath.

And how is Los Clavos Surf Resort, Nicaragua?
Fabulous. It’s a super beautiful spot, far away from civilization and directly on the beach. The setting of the yoga space is magnificent and it is easy to focus on your Ashtanga Yoga practice as you can to listen to the birds, the ocean as well as your own breath. It feels like the world stands still.  It really is an amazing spot in Nicaragua.

What are you 5 best things about the week?
Yoga, Eat, Sleep, Repeat (does that count as 4­?)
Feeling the improvement in my practice
Meditation on the beach

If you had to rename the ‘Intensive Yoga Week.’  What would it be?
Julia’s Breathe and Release Camp HAHA

Anything else? 
Los Clavos Surf Camp, Nicaragua is amazing!!!

Do you want to develop your self-practice?
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