As a keen Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, my practice has very much evolved over the years.  I have spent years completing The Primary Series and I am currently making progress towards The Intermediate Series.  I am a huge advocate of Myofascia Release and have recently developed my own methods to incorporate additional techniques into my Vinyasa Flow Classes to achieve deeper access into some very advanced postures.

This is reflected in my teachings and what you will practice during your training with Julia Gavin Yoga.  I fully believe that familiarity and passion for what you teach is the key to being a successful teacher.  With an understanding of each and every movement of the Ashtanga Primary Series, I teach the smallest of details.

When it became apparent that I couldn’t achieve some postures, despite regular practice, I knew I needed to supplement my practice.  Despite getting heaps out of the practice spiritually, I wanted more physically in order to maintain my love of the sequence.  I found Vinyasa Flow.  I am ever thankful for my background in Ashtanga Yoga as it has allowed me to be close to this traditional practice.  Vinyasa Flow is very much derived from the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and this knowledge has allowed me to bring together the traditions of the east and contemporary thinking.

And so, you will find me on the mat completing my beloved Primary Series, in a state of Myofascia Release or going with the Vinyasa Flow.  What is evident in both my teachings is total awareness, total connection to each and every posture within my practice.  And yes, it is a work in progress but then life is.  I am committed to eternal learning, a student of anything yogi.  This is my practice.  This is what helps to still my mind.  This is the practice that I share with you.

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