Nicaragua, El Coco Loco Eco Resort

25th March 2017:  An Exploration of Strength and Flexibility.
Nicaragua is a little north of Panama, Central America.  It is the skinniest part of Central America and only a few hundred kilometres wide.  It is a unique place to travel in that you have both Pacific and Caribbean coastline within one country.  You can fly there directly  from Florida, Atlantis, Dallas, Houston, Toronto, Montreal and Panama City.

Julia is delighted to host this week long retreat at the El Coco Loco Resort, a community focused eco friendly resort in the north of Nicaragua. Take time out on a deserted, virgin Pacific Beach to deepen your Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice. A great place to find peace and tranquility with ample time to surf and enjoy the surrounding area.

This retreat will delve into the details of the asanas that we perform on a daily basis. A combination of Vinyasa Flows, Technical Workshops, MF Release and Led Ashtanga Classes will facilitate the deepening of your practice whether that be Ashtanga Yoga or Vinyasa Flow.

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Morning Practice (2 hrs)
We will focus on strength, bringing awareness to a particular muscle either through Ashtanga Led Classes or Power Vinyasa Flows. The practice will include Pranayama and Meditation also.  We will use the technicalities of the postures to internalise, guiding us through the Movement Meditation of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  These classes will help develop an awareness of what happens anatomically as you move mindfully from posture to posture.

Afternoon Practice (1.5hrs)
We will explore some Myofascia Release techniques to gain length through the anatomical lines of energy that run throughout the body, in particular the front, back and side lines. We will then apply this to further access postures of the Primary Series. Afternoons will include workshops on Backbending and Hip Opening, incorporating Yin and tennis ball release.

Extra Curricular Activities
These can include group surf lessons, massages, horseback riding, volcano hikes, kayaking trips, volcano boarding, chocolate making workshops and more.


$2000 double/twin cabana
$1100 single cabana

$300 deposit to secure place

2 daily yoga classes (21 hours of practice over 6 days)
Unlimited use of yoga space
7 nights cabana accommodation at El Coco Loco Resort
All meals and non-alcoholic drinks
Fresh fruit, juices and smoothies
Desserts!!! And raw desserts!!
Transport to and from Managua Airport

Beach Cabanas
The eco friendly beach cabanas each have a private bathroom with an outdoor shower.  The cabanas have been made from local materials with thatched roofs for a rustic feel.  They have been built for comfort and coolness.


Condor flies to Managua via Panama City from airports across Europe with many airlines coming from US.

For more details about El Coco Loco Yoga and Surf Eco resort, visit their website:

Places are limited.

For further information and to reserve your place, please email me,

I hope to see you there for heaps of yoga, yoga chat and some surf!!!


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