The curriculum for the 200 hr YTTC and 100 hr Yoga Intensive have been written to bring together eastern traditions and contemporary thinking.  They will be presented to you with a structured yet fun approach.  The following outlines what will be covered.  Further details of the curriculum can be found on the Yoga Alliance website.

Morning Practice
Modified/Full Led Ashtanga Yoga
Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga (self-practice with advice and adjustments provided by the teacher)
Technical Vinyasa Flow
Pranayama (breathing techniques)
Meditation (incorporating various techniques)

Afternoon Practice
Back Bending and Hip Opening Flows
Restorative/Release Yoga
Sunset Meditation

These will include Hip Opening, Backbending, Transitions and Balances

Anatomy and Alignment
Muscular Skeletal System
Functionality of the body in yoga (and surf)
Looking after the shoulder and knee joints
The respiratory system for pranayama
Alignment of postures of the Primary Series along with the integrity of each of the postures
How to modify your practice to accommodate limitations


Teaching Methodology & Practice
Understand the pedagogy of teaching yoga
Devise a 60 minute Yoga Class to your peers
Teach a 60 minute yoga class to your peers at the camp (200 hr YTTC only)
Gain confidence in teaching yoga on completion of your course (200 hr YTTC only)
Adjustments (taking students deeper into the postures) (200 hr YTTC only)

Lifestyle and Philosophy
History and background of Ashtanga Yoga
The benefits of Restorative Yoga
8 Limbs as describes in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
The Yamas – how best to interact with the people around you
An exploration of the mind, body and soul through the ages

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For further curriculum details, please visit the Yoga Alliance website.

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