Yoga Trainings and Courses Liverpool

The Yoga Academy offers Yoga Teacher Trainings, Anatomy Courses, Advanced Yoga Workshops and Professional Development in Liverpool. We invite yogis, personal trainers, fitness fanatics and anyone in the wellbeing industry to join our learning journey. Join Julia and the crew to deepen knowledge and practice, both physically and spiritually.

We offer the following yoga courses in Liverpool:

  • 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training (3 week intensive or at weekends)
  • Yoga Anatomy Course (for yogis and personal trainers)
  • Ashtanga Adjustments Week (for yoga teachers and practitioners)
  • Advanced Sequencing for Vinysa Flow (for yoga teachers)

Presenting yoga in a fun and progressive environment, we have been hosting in courses and workshops in Liverpool since 2019. Advocates for the structure of Ashtanga Yoga, the potential of functional movement, the rhythm of Vinyasa Flow, the intrigue of anatomy and the playfulness of Rocket Vinyasa, we have been working with yoga teachers and practitioners to advance both their practice and teaching. We specialise in Yoga Anatomy, Progressive Ashtanga Yoga & Adjustments and Vinyasa Flow Sequencing.

We continue to evolve both our 200 hr and 300 hr curricula, bringing together traditional methods and modern thinking. Our graduates and teaching crew teach at studios throughout Liverpool. In the winter months, we hang out on the backwaters of Goa at Palm Trees Yoga School.

Upcoming Dates

Ashtanga Intensive Week
12th to 16th September, 8 to 10am
at Yogacita

Adjustment Week for Yoga Teachers
12th to 16th September
at Yogacita

Rocket Bonanza
12 to 2pm, 17th September
at Eleven Eleven Yoga Studios

Yoga Teacher Training 2022
16th October to 5th November
at Yogacita

Yoga Teacher Training at Weekends
starts January 2023
at Eleven Eleven Yoga Studio

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