I love Ashtanga Yoga.  Over the past years, I have developed an Ashtanga Yoga practice and during my time in Nicaragua, Central America, it allows me to stay connected to what I learnt in India.  I learnt Ashtanga Yoga in Goa during my travels.   I couldn’t wait for my next session and was immediately hooked.  But what is it about the Ashtanga Yoga practice that keeps me so dedicated?

Ashtanga Yoga is a set sequence of postures. 
An Ashtanga Yoga Class will never deviate from the traditional sequence as developed in Mysore, India.  Even in Nicaragua, the sequence will always be the same.  I love routine, structure and knowing what comes next….it is the ideal practice for me!

Ashtanga Yoga brings about a movement meditation. 
A good Ashtanga Yoga Teacher will help you create rhythm and pace.  This will encourage you to become familiar to the rhythm of your breath and is a great way to induce meditation.  As you move though the postures, you hopefully minimise your thoughts.  When the mind is overactive,  Ashtanga Yoga presents a great way to still and quieten the mind.  Even in Nicaragua, meditation is an important part of my daily routine and Ashtanga Yoga allows me to meditate through movement.

Ashtanga Yoga makes you more anatomically aware.
As a self-confessed anatomy geek, I have gained a greater understanding of how my body works and functions.  As I flow through the Ashtanga Yoga series, I can use the practice as an exploration of strength and flexibility.  This in itself is a great way to internalise.  Here in in Nicaragua, I am learning to surf.  Being anatomically aware of your body is highly beneficial for any physical activity.

Ashtanga Yoga requires discipline.
It is a 6 day practice with just a day off to allow your body to settle and restore.  Admittedly, on some days here in Nicaragua, I am torn between the morning surf and morning practice….but practice happens everyday (sometimes a little later than is ideal) and my body feels better every time for doing so.

If you are keen to learn more about Ashtanga Yoga practice and fancy a trip to Nicaragua, come and join me at Los Clavos Surf Camp.

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Courses run each week with Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in January 2018.




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